California Highland Cattle Association

California Highland Cattle Association

The California Highland Cattle Association (CHCA) is dedicated to work together to promote Highland Cattle, protecting the integrity of the breed, encourage its' members in their breeding and marketing programs and to provide information and support for breeders and those who are interested in raising Highland Cattle.

Highland Cattle...


Gentle, long lived, hardy, maternal, easy-keeping, natural browers with onboard predator defense


Highland Beef Project

Dear Highland Enthusiasts,

Collectively, the Board of Directors of the Highland Cattle Foundation (HCF) have been raising the breed for over a hundred years. As Highland owners we know that our cattle are easy keepers, doing well on grass and lesser pasture. They excel in grain and grass finishing systems. We know about the high quality of their beef. We know it is lean, tender, nutritious and flavorful. We have heard testimonials and stories from fellow breeders of the worth and excellent quality of the meat. But at the end of the day, we have no scientific evidence. Today’s cattle producer and beef consumer demand that proof. Without it, we are unable to definitively back up our claims.

The HCF and AHCA are supporting a study that will go a long way to provide the kind of evidence we can use to support the value of our cattle. The study’s lead expert is Dr. Bryon Wiegand, a nationally recognized meat scientist from the University of Missouri. Watch him during an interview at the National Convention sharing exciting updates on this research at

In order to make this project valid, we need a minimum of 200 samples. After almost two years into this study, we have only 65 of the 200 samples needed. We are asking you to assist us and provide the additional product necessary to complete this worthwhile research. As a reminder, the Foundation is paying for testing and shipping.

Click here for information outlining how you can participate. While the preference is for state or federal inspected samples so they can be part of the sensory panel, it is not a requirement for the other tests. All samples are encouraged. Contact HCF/AHCA if you have any questions about the study. We need you! Please don’t wait for someone else to participate… time is of the essence.

Join with us and other Highland beef producers to obtain this vital information that will allow us to promote the merits of the breed. The success of this study is in your hands!


HCF Board of Directors

Mark Schulz President, Elkton, MN

Wally Congdon Director, Dell, MT

Ginnah Moses Director, Brighton, CO

Bill Roberts Director, Newport, PA

Dr. Jim Welch Professor Emeritus Animal Science,

University of Vermont, Colchester, VT

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